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Att känna sig som en ny människa, med mer energi, lust, lugn och glädje är vad man får uppleva efter 2 timmars magisk massage hos terapeuten Andrea Daumas studio i Nice.

Det var för ett år sedan jag kom i kontakt med Andrea genom yogalärarutbildningen som jag genomförde i Södra Frankrike och när jag ringde för att boka min första session, klickade vi direkt och jag visste att jag hade hamnat hos helt rätt person. Efter att ha testat en del massörer i Europa började jag bli lite uppgiven på att hitta en riktigt duktig massör. Ofta kändes som att dem jag gick till inte riktigt visste vad dem gjorde, eller att det var för lite anpassat och gick mest på automatik.

Med Andrea var det väldigt annorlunda. Efter att vi hade bestämt de eteriska oljorna hon skulle använda gjorde jag mig redo för den 2 timmar långa massagen. Visst var jag spänd på hur hon skulle jobba, men jag visste en del om hennes bakgrund och att hon hade utbildat sig i Asien samt hade yogan med i bagaget. Vilket enligt mig var ett stort plus! Så fort hon satte igång kände jag bara YES. Det här skulle komma att bli så bra. Med en blandning av deep tissue, healing och energimassage tog hon sig an mina trötta träningsmuskler.

Känslan av avslappning och återhämtning spred sig snabbt genom kroppen och jag hamnade väldigt snabbt i en djup vila. Efter massgagen trippade jag lätt tillbaka till lägenheten, så härlig känsla! Jag önskar seriöst att jag kunde ta med mig Andrea överallt för det skulle verkligen behövas fler som jobbade som henne!

Om du skulle ha vägarna förbi Nice, skulle jag vilja inspirera dig till egen-tid med massage på BodyWork, finns inget bättre! Nedan berättar Andrea lite mer om hennes sätt att jobba och vad man kan förvänta sig, enjoy!
03If you would like to feel truly refreshed, rejuvenated with more energy and joy you need to try out the 2 hour massage at BodyWork with the amazing massage therapist Andrea Daumas.

It was almost a year ago, that I came in contact with Andrea through my yoga teacher training in the South of France. When I called her to book my first session, we clicked right away and I knew that I had ended up with the right person. After testing some massage therapists in Europe I started to get a little frustrated to find a really good masseur. I often felt like the people I went to didn’t really know what they were doing.

With Andrea it was very different. After we had decided the essential oils she would use, I made myself ready for the 2 hour massage. Sure, I was a bit anxious about how she’d work, but I knew a bit about her background and that she had her education from Asia and aslo had yoga as in her bag. Which according to me was a big plus. As soon as she started, I just felt YES. This was going be a good one! With a mix of deep tissue, healing and energy massage, she worked through my tired muscles.

The feeling of relaxation and recovery quickly spread through my body and I very quickly fell into deep rest. After the massage I litteraly flew back to the apartment, feeling so great! I seriously wish I could take Andrea with me everywhere, she’s really the best and I hope more people could get inspired to work as her!

If you would be passing Nice, do make sure to book an hour or two for yourself at her studio, you’re not going to regret it! Below Andrea explains a bit more about her work and what to expect, enjoy!
01Hello, my name is Andrea Daumas,

and I’m here with one mission:

To help you let go of the tension, toxins and stress that your body naturally clings on to, and start re-invigorating your body and mind through the power of intuition, meditation, and deep massage.

Here is an idea of what you can expect to get out of each one of our sessions:

  • You’ll feel deeply relaxed, with an inspiring energy and newfound lightness
  • You’ll be mentally rejuvenated and refreshed, with a natural tendency towards contemplation and concentration
  • You’ll notice tensions and toxins gently being released with the physical, emotional, and spiritual power of touch
  • You’ll feel an instant improvement in circulation that helps further release the built-up toxins your body is storing
  • Your skin will feel noticeably smoother and softer after being throughly nourished by high quality oils

I choose happiness and because I deeply love my work, I can help you reignite your inner youth while becoming the very best version of yourself – all through the power of massage.


Experiencing different forms of touch stimulates the skin in a very unique and powerful way that you can never truly feel otherwise. The neuron connections in your brain actually re-wire, bringing you into a higher state of deep, mental relaxation. By the end of a 2 hour session, you’ll experience a true rebirth on a mental, physical, and spiritual level.

On a biological level, the power of massage helps the tensions and toxins gently release through gentle, varied, and carefully tuned pressures. This significantly improves the blood and lymphatic system circulation that removes metabolites and other toxins.

Your skin will get thoroughly nourished by high quality oils, and will feel silky, smooth and soft after your session.

And don’t to forget the magic of touch on a emotional and spiritual level: the way we hold a friend to make him or her feel calm and relaxed, the way we stroke our sad child’s back… we all feel a sense of calmness and peace that’s provoked by the power of touch.

This is just one more of the amazing benefits and healing effects that my massage sessions can have for you.


I use a combination of different techniques, including Thai Massage, Ayurvedic Massage, Foot Reflexology and Deep Tissue as well as Trigger Point work. I prepare each of my sessions with a short meditation so I feel exactly what your body needs the day you come see me, and I can carefully attune the session to meet those needs.

Your body knows better then your mind. Through your body’s response, I adapt different techniques and practices to truly and completely optimize your session.

I use a variety of Young Living essential oils, depending on your preferences. All of these oils are 100% bio and plant based as well as the base oils.


The 2 hour “Transformation”  session I offer is ideal for a complete, deep relaxation of your entire, body, mind, and nervous system.

For just a quick release of muscle tensions and and energy top up, the 1hr might be a better fit.

In the 1.5 hr session I can work more detailed on certain areas like neck, shoulders or feet to relieve your muscles from toxins and stress.

Each and every one of my sessions is 100% adapted to your needs, and each one of your sessions will be different from the last.

Are you ready to feel like the best version of yourself? The power of massage can help you feel more relieved, light, positive, and truly radiant.

I am excited to meet you, happy to treat you, and happy to see your smiling, radiant face at the end of your session.

Below you can book your session in my massage studio in Nice Centre:

Phone +33 643 57 95 97
Andrea Daumas
Bodywork Nice
84 Rue Marechal Joffre


Before becoming a massage therapist, I had been working in the medical field in Germany for nearly 10 years. After years of somehow feeling unfulfilled, I quit my stable job to set off on a solo backpacking trip in India.

Working with so many people over so many years, seeing their suffering and unhappiness even in their own created comfort, lead me to a place where I felt I was at a crossroads. Living in comfort but lacking true satisfaction, I decided to change the course of my life for good, and set out on a quest to find work that was truly fulfilling.

Between 2005 and 2008 I lived in many different areas of the world, including India and Thailand. Exploring the intricacies and sacred practices of massage and yoga, and building up expertise in theses fields, I lived with a variety of local families and Ashrams.


I actually didn’t decide to be a massage practitioner. Instead, I discovered that it was my passion, calling, and vocation. Giving massage brings out the best in me, and through that, I can help you bring out the very best in yourself, as well. All the knowledge and skills that I have learned in my yoga practice helps me today to make your experience my unique way of massage.

Facebook (Bodywork Nice) – Click!

n collaboration with Andrea Daumas.


Heeeej från Holland hörrni! Här har det varit (och är) fullt ös medvetslös med att hitta lägenhet och annat praktiskt, därav bloggtystnaden. Inte alltid det lättaste att jonglera när det sker stora förändringar i livet, men förhoppningsvis faller bitarna snart på plats så att allt kan rulla på som vanligt! Håller också på att styra upp med mina Sverigeresor under hösten, då jag kommer befinna mig både här och i Stockholm. Hoppas ni följer med på både instagram och Snapchat (@sassa_asli) där jag delar med mig mer av vad som händer och annat smått och gott!

Förresten, jag fick precis reda på att mitt konto inte var öppet för alla – sååå typsikt!! Jag som har snappat som en galning den senaste veckan. Nu ska dock allt funka som det ska!

Häromdagen stack vi iväg till stranden för att hämta in lite energi i hettan mellan visningarna och jobbet, hittade en riktigt chill strandbar som serverade smoothies, acai bowls, kokosnötter och hyrde ut surfbrädor. My kind of place! Det är fortfarande mycket som känns nytt, trots att jag har rest och bott utomlands som en galning de senaste 10 åren har jag faktiskt aldrig varit i detta land, vilket är väldigt spännande! Ser det som en stort blessing att ha möjligheten att kunna leva i olika länder, det är verkligen så sjukt lärorikt och berikande på alla sätt och vis. Det kommer helt säkert börja droppa in en massa tips på hälsosamma restauranger, yoga studios och annat kul om jag känner mig själv rätt haha!

Som jag delade med mig av i min snap story så är det min kille Magnus som har fått drömjobbet som investerare i FMO (the Dutch development bank), därav flytten hit. Då vi stöttar varandras drömmar och mål var det självklart att jag ställde upp för han i det här fallet då han hade gjort exakt detsamma för mig. Samtidigt är jag väldigt mobil i mitt yrke och älskar att kunna röra på mig och Amsterdam har kanske den bästa flygplatsen i Europa med flyg som konstant går överallt, så ingen nöd på mig!

Nu ska jag återgå till det administrativa! Ha en underbar helg fina ni ♥
Heeey from Holland y’all! Sorry for the lack of blogposts this week but we’ve been busy finding/viewing apartments and doing other practical stuff, hence the blog silence. It’s not always easy to juggle it all when there are major changes in life happing, but hopefully the pieces will fall into place so that everything can continue on as usual! I’m also planning my autumn travels to Sweden, because I’m going to be both here and in Stockholm. If you follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (@sassa_asli) you’ll get to know more of what’s happening. By the way I just found out that my snap-account wasn’t public! So sorry for that – it’s all fixed now!! 

The other day we went down to the beach to relax in between viewings. We found a really chill beach bar that served smoothies, acai bowls, coconuts and also rented surfboards. My kind of place! Everything’s still very new and even though I’ve been traveling and lived abroad like a crazy person the past couple of 10 years, I’ve never been in this country before which is very exciting! I really see it as a great blessing to have the opportunity to live in different countries, and I’m happy I’ve had the opportunity to do so for many years.

You’ll probably begin to see a lot of tips on healthy restaurants, yoga studios and other fun stuff from this place – I just love to explore the healthy lifestyle wherever I go!

As I shared with you on my story snap, it’s my boyfriend Magnus who got his dream job as an investor in the FMO (the Dutch development bank), hence the move here. We always support each other’s dreams and goals, so it was obvious that I backed him up for this one, as he had done exactly the same for me. At the same time, I’m very mobile with my work and love to be able to move around and Amsterdam has one of the best airports in Europe with constant flights, so no need for me to worry!

Time to I’ll return to all the admin stuff! Have a wonderful weekend ♥


Skärmavbild 2016-08-17 kl. 19.16.59
Här kommer spellistan som jag körde under söndagsens yoga event klass, en liten mix av skön favoritmusik till ett Vinyasa flow pass. Gå gärna in för att lyssna här, eller följ mig på Spotify: sassa_asli  – love Sx

Here’s the playlist from this Sunday’s yoga event class, a little mix of my favorite songs perfect for a Vinyasa flow class. Listen here, or follow me on Spotify: sassa_asli – love Sx

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